The Challenge:

How do we launch MAWDE, a new fashion brand in the Australian market, seeking to own the ‘sloungewear’ space between sleepwear and loungewear?

The Solution:

For a brand to stand out in the sea of eCommerce, audiences need to buy into a brand’s story. We embarked on a mission to create the most compelling content that would tell the MAWDE story and build brand trust early into its journey.

We developed an integrated strategy to support the brand launch across web content, social channels and influencers. From here, we launched Facebook and Instagram, building and deploying a highly targeted paid social media campaign, including an influencer campaign, that would drive awareness and conversion for MAWDE via key audience demographics.

The Results:

Our campaign resulted in:
• Reaching over 273k target audience members
• Gathering over 553k impression

Our influencer campaign also proved successful:
• Reaching 15.6k
• Gathering 2,334 engagements