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The Challenge:

GolfSpace is an innovative and disruptive startup looking to change the face of virtual golf, boasting 16 virtual practice bays using TrackMan technology. Paper+Spark were engaged to develop GolfSpace’s brand and digital campaign, content, PR, and social presence to launch in market.

The Solution:

P+S partnered with GolfSpace to realise their strategic goals of launching an indoor golf experience during post COVID lockdown by:

  • Developing the go to digital/social and PR market strategy
  • Articulating the brand and key messages
  • Developing the content strategy and defining the audience

Reaching and fostering a community of golfers via social media – we launched GolfSpace’s social presence (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My business profiles)
Designing and optimising the website content for SEO to rank for relevant keywords
Setting up web analytics to provide a mechanism for measuring/implementing continuous improvements to reach/resonate with the target market
Preparing search campaigns to meet demand post lockdown
Nurturing leads across the digital ecosystem
Creating ongoing campaigns to acquire new customers and nurture existing customers
Engaging with Media, Partners, and influencers to amplify their message and encourage word of mouth

The Results:

Despite the uncertainties and challenges of launching a new experiential business post a COVID lockdown, we achieved some impressive results in concert with GolfSpace’s solid offering, including:

  • Not only raised awareness but generated over 2,000 leads during a 3-month period
  • Launched social channels, developed the audience for ongoing digital campaigns and grew their followers and partners
  • GolfSpace reached the first page of Google search results for a range of indoor, virtual and simulator golf search terms in this brief time.
  • Within weeks of opening, GolfSpace received 15 x 5-star reviews on Google My Business, which is a testament to the amazing work of Dean and his team. Not only was GolfSpace’s business proposition solid and their goals clear, but they backed up the advertising promises to customers with great customer service
  • Bosshunting, Man of Many, Golf Australia and other media outlets came to see what the fuss was about and covered the space in their publications

To learn more about GolfSpace, and the benefits and broad range of experiences available to all golfers, whether first-time players, or serious competitors, and whether practising solo or seeking a social experience as part of an informal group or competition, read about our team’s recent experience using the facility in Alexandria.

Photo of person playing on a GolfSpace virtual golf course
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