Developing a new brand identity | CatholicCare

CatholicCare logo

The Challenge:

CatholicCare Sydney is the social services agency of the Archdiocese of Sydney, working with the most vulnerable people in the community. Being one of several CatholicCare agencies, CatholicCare Sydney was looking to elevate their brand and differentiate themselves from the other organisations. They wanted a brand that connected and engaged with their target audience.

The Solution:

Paper + Spark developed a new brand identity and designed a series of content templates for CatholicCare Sydney. This encompassed a new visual brand including:

  • New logo
  • Colour palette
  • Fonts
  • Icons

The new content templates to be designed would be for both internal and external use, as well as for digital and social. Paper + Spark also developed a magazine template for CatholicCare to launch their magazine. A part of this work was also coming up with the title of the magazine and “Pathways” was created.

The Results:

An invigorated, refreshed and modern look and feel for CatholicCare Sydney that highlights their brand and differentiates them from the other CatholicCare organisations. The new brand engages and resonates with their multiple target audiences.

CotholicCare magazine cover
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