#AccessToMedicines | MSD Australia & New Zealand

The Challenge:

The Federal Government is the biggest customer of pharmaceutical companies in Australia through its funding of medicines on the PBS.

However, the way Australia assesses which medicines to fund hasn’t kept up with medicine innovation and patients may have to wait four times longer to access medicines than their counterparts in most OECD countries.

The Solution:

We developed a social media campaign supporting MSD’s government relations messaging around policy change for medicine funding and to encourage consumers to engage with funding decision-makers.

Based our research and social listening, we determined the best way to achieve our campaign goals was to combine elements of a traditional newsroom with a test-and-learn social media strategy, creating an always-on social media hub to initiate conversations and react quickly to news and events via Twitter and Linkedin.

Our hypothesis was that a highly targeted, always-on social media campaign would be an effective way to support MSD’s government relations strategy — something that MSD (globally) had never tried and remains a novel approach in Australia.

The Results:

The main metrics were engagement levels, cost per engagement and CTA responses, predominantly click-throughs to the consumer comments portal on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) website. Throughout the campaign we observed:
• Over 10K CTA clicks to the PBAC portal
• Grew LinkedIn following by 25% — hitting a milestone of 10K followers
• Over 2 million impressions on Twitter
• Earned media pick ups resulting in 42 pieces of coverage and a potential reach of 31 million

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