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The Opportunity for Chatbots

Today’s consumer expects swift gratification. Chatbots are becoming far more common for organisations to help their customers. In 2020, 80% of enterprises will use chatbots. According to Lauren Foye, by 2022, banks can automate up to 90% of their customer interaction using chatbots. However, chatbots do not represent the only conversational channel for organisations to embrace, nor is it the holy grail. Rather, it’s a channel for consideration amongst others.

According to a study from eMartketer, over 50% of survey respondents believe that a Bot keeps them engaging with a live person and 47.5% indicating the responses were not helpful.

The technology behind chatbots is getting better all the time. More accurate in their ability to understand and comprehend, sentiment analysis, translation and transcription of conversations, but they are far from perfect.

According to Spiceworks, 59% of those surveyed indicated that chatbots often misunderstood the nuances of human communication, 30% reported that chatbots performed commands inaccurately, and 29% reported difficulties in understanding accents.

This then begs the question, should my organisation build a Bot, or another type of conversational experience, and how can I prepare?

How we can help prepare you for a conversational experience

At Paper + Spark, being prepared for a conversational experience, albeit a Bot, skill, action or contact centre solution, is at the core of our approach and it can come in many forms.

Success definition
Be sure to map out what success looks like and advocate with your team. Do you need support for this? Do you have the right team to drive innovation?

Does your organisation have content suitable to address a conversational experience with your audience? If not, have you considered an approach? Is it structured in a way that will suit your experience? Have you considered GDPR requirements?

Do you have support to build a conversational experience whether this be internal or external? If so, how experienced are you?

Have you considered what technology may suit? Do you need to create any API’s? If you have API’s, are they accessible?

Have you defined your brand’s authority? Are you friendly, functional, approachable or other?

Use case definition
If your brand had a voice, what would it say, to whom, why, where and how? Use case definition should align with a business challenge and the role of your team to help address this via a defined conversational experience. Be sure to look at available data-sets to provide insight, such as existing website/app analytics, consumer surveying, competitor analysis. Clear articulation of a use case will to provide answers to many of the above questions.

Why work with us

At Paper + Spark, our team are well-versed in helping with the above. We are dedicated bunch of strategic and creative thinkers and have worked with some of the world’s largest organisations to solve their problems.

We start with a simple philosophy of hygiene. Is your house in order? No? We can help with that.

As with any aspect of the digital landscape, you need understand the technology before you embrace it. Recognising what technology to consider and what the benefits are is critical.

You may need to fast-track the thinking and that’s where our team can assist also. Up-skilling your organisation can be time-consuming and costly but it doesn’t have to be.

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