Find out how to tell your brand story and win the hearts and minds of your audience

Storytelling workshops

Transform the way you engage with and communicate with your customers about your brand and importantly, put information in a way that neuroscience tells us our brain loves. You will walk away from our storytelling workshop with a better understanding of how to start thinking and using storytelling as part of your brand/corporate storytelling. It’s an efficient way of reviving your team’s creative spark!

Paper + Spark has well over 100 years’ experience in corporate storytelling among our team members and have turned it into a storytelling program that we offer new and existing clients. Our program range from an inspiring introduction workshop that aims to educate about the potential, to bespoke corporate storytelling workshops to address a specific need or a challenge.

What you learn

Our introductory workshop can be delivered as a ‘lunch and learn’, to new or existing staff, a new group of business stakeholders, or as a keynote at a kickoff or other internal event. It typically runs for 60 minutes but can be extended to up to two hours depending on the context.

During this time you’ll learn more about:

  • The Neuroscience of why our brain loves storytellling
  • New and innovative ways of thinking about your brand
  • Build a culture of storytelling in your organisation
  • How to craft a narrative that will inspire
  • How to implement corporate narrative inside your organisation – well beyond external communications

We will also run you through 1-4 simple but effective exercises that will help you:

  • Identify your own building blocks for a corporate story
  • Help you understand which of the 17 established story types will best suit your message
  • Understand the role of tonality in storytelling
  • Understand the connection between narrative and visual storytelling

Who it’s for

Anyone in the business who’s responsible for talking about your company or brand.

  • Brand marketers
  • Corporate spokespeople
  • Corporate presenters
  • CEO and board
  • Comms specialists
  • Content Specialists
  • Customer Experience teams
  • Cross-functional teams

How it works

We start with our introduction to corporate storytelling workshop to ensure everyone stakeholder understands the true potential of corporate storytelling. Once this has been achieved we can then collaborate on the design of a bespoke workshop to address a specific need inside your organisation, eg: a campaign, a presentation, a pitch, a major internal or external announcement, etc.

What we offer

We believe in the power of corporate storytelling. So much in fact that we’re offering our introduction workshop for free. Fill in the form below and one of our storytelling experts will get in touch shortly.

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