We’re not just a social media agency

The importance of Social Media

Social Media is a big deal in Australia. 71 per cent of us are active users (roughly 18 million Aussies) and we are spending 1 hour and 44 mins on it per day.1

But when it comes to making the most out of social, there is a lot of ground to cover. Not only are users engaged with a growing number of platforms but each one is geared towards different audiences and content types.

Social Media has turned into something so much more than a megaphone for your content, it’s about building your brand.

What you need to succeed at social

The investment needed to create and amplify content, foster communities, and manage your reputation has grown.

What businesses need to succeed on social is not just a social media agency, but an agency that sees social as part of the holistic customer experience.

Thumb-stopping content

With the amount of time we are spending scrolling through content on social media you need something special to stand out. 

At our core, we’re all about producing content with a bit of spark.

And it’s a fun place to be.

But there’s science behind the art.

Social Advertising

In many ways, social is a group of ad networks each with their own quirks in audience targeting and content constraints. Organic reach on social has died and we’re very much in a pay to play world. 2

Campaign strategy on social shouldn’t be an afterthought. Getting the most out of each platform doesn’t just require a deep understanding of your relevant audiences, but an understanding of how the platforms work (and how you can make them work for you). 

We start by understanding your business objectives and your audiences and design campaigns that make the most out of the platforms your audiences are on.

Influencer Marketing

Don’t take our word for it, but 89% of marketers rate the ROI from influencer marketing comparable to or better than other channels.3

Why? Because the right influencer adds credibility.

Because we’re digital PR experts, managing your reputation underpins all that we do. Building credibility with your audience is how we approach influencer marketing.

Community Management

While social is still a place for your audiences to connect with each other, Aussies are increasingly using it as a very public call centre where complaints and grievances are aired.

And the risks to getting it wrong are huge. 

Our community management creds have been honed in industries where getting it wrong can be disastrous – and we don’t plan on getting it wrong any time soon.

But getting it right helps humanise your brand – and people prefer to do business with people than faceless companies.

Measurement and Insights

Engagements, thru views, shares, followers, link clicks, traffic, brand awareness, comments, reach, impressions. We’ll help you nut out which metrics are the most meaningful for your campaign and drive real business impact. But we’ll also have the tough conversations if the data suggest we got it wrong. 

We don’t believe in vanity metrics.

Social media users give away a lot of data on social. We use social listening to understand your audience, their views on you, your competitors, and your industry to help craft our communications strategies.

The Reward:

Brand building
 – Social media has been shown by various academics to have a positive impact on brand loyalty which has in turn been shown to have a positive impact on your bottom line. Brand consistency across all of your customer touch points makes doing social well. We believe the science.

Higher inbound traffic and more opportunities to convert – Although social media doesn’t tend to convert as highly as search, it does convert. And the sheer volume of Aussies using it means it should be considered as part of your mix. All that positive brand building your doing can be justified with direct results.

Improved customer insights – Social media users give away a lot of personal information on social media which can be used to help paint a clearer picture of your audiences. By engaging in social we can help you fine tune your customer segments to drive results.

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