We integrate earned media into our communications and marketing activities to deliver results

The power of earned media

Anyone who tells you media is dead, or that a digital paid ad is everything is, well…wrong. Strategic, clever and engaging public relations remains one of the most powerful and targeted ways to connect and influence your target audience. If anything, its become more important. In a recent CMO Council survey of top marketing executives, 81 per cent said the pandemic has worked to increase the importance and need for earned media approaches.

Our PR services

Paper+Spark is not just another PR agency. Instead, we use earned media as a crucial part of an integrated communciations eco-system, ensuring different channels, work together to amplify your message further.

With storytelling in our DNA, our team is highly experienced in the public relations space, and can provide creative and measurable solutions to fit your needs.

We take a broad view of what constitutes public relations, as in its not just media.

Our talent is in working out which is the right public relations strategy, tactics and storytelling we can use to connect with your audience.

Our public relations tactics and expertise includes:

Media relations and earned media – this is about winning news coverage in media outlets (earned not paid). Although media outlets are shrinking, a well placed article has more reach and credibility than related advertising, making it a powerful tool. We have the journalism experience, media contacts and news cycle insights to get your brand, product, service or expert viewpoint in the news that matters.

Crisis management – Don’t get caught short. When things kick off, our experienced team can give you’re the sound advice and counsel you need to make it through to the other side.

Product launches – If you want to make a splash for your new product, you need us. We will help you create a PR plan using the right tactics at our disposal to put your new product in the spotlight.

Community relations/outreach – in the age of transparency, you need to have the endorsement and support of your community, whether that’s your customers, industry, stakeholders or physical community in which you operate. We have the experience and passion for this type of PR, using messages and tactics to connect with your community through both Digital PR and real world events.

Brand ambassadors – a strongly aligned and relevant brand ambassador can be a powerful third party endorsement for your brand. We can help you find and engage the right ambassador for your B2B and B2C needs.

Events and experiential – in a digital world, events and experiential activities have real cut-through. P+S can help you bring your event to life, creating impact for purpose, and ensure your event is maximised by amplification through other channels like earned media, social media and always-on storytelling.

Influencer marketing – choosing the right influencer can be a minefield and managing brand risk is critical. We will help you find, assess, manage and coach the right influencer to fit your brand objectives and message and elevate your brand.

The Reward:

Strategic earned media in an always-on world moving at velocity will not only give your brand more cut-through than digital advertising, when executed with a holistic integrated approach will amplify your efforts and elevate your marcomms activities.

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