Learn how to maximise your HCP digital engagement and drive long-term sales

Graphic showing event date and location (1st August, Baragaroo, 6:15-8:30 pm) and percentage of doctors who never meet a rep in person (35%).

 Maintain valuable engagements with modern clinicians admist healthcare consumerisation

Are you curious about what doctors think about your engagement? 

Join us on Thursday 1 Aug at 6.00 pm in Barangaroo to hear from doctors first-hand, how pharma can provide value to the modern clinician.

In an engaging session tailored for pharma company sales and marketing leaders, Dr. Feiger, Dr. Santos and Dr. Knesl will share their experiences and take your questions on how pharma can better support healthcare professionals.

Discover cutting-edge sales strategies and patient activation initiatives from the US, and learn why patient enablement is key, and how doctors can be better equipped for the information-driven future of patient care.

What you’ll learn:

  • Reach high-value doctors (the doctors that their reps never see)
  • Maximise your sales with doctor-initiated engagement
  • Boost sales efficiency with patient enablement solutions

Who should attend?

Pharma sales and marketing leaders, Heads of CX, Digital, and anyone interested in understanding how to better interact with doctors in a digital world.

For those able to join us in Sydney, you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry leaders over food and drinks and engage directly with the doctors on our panel.

Meet Your Speakers

Photos and biographies of the 3 speakers.

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Meet Your Hosts

Paper + Spark logo  

Marketing Agency

Paper + Spark is an award winning health tech Comms and marketing agency, helping Pharma and Healthcare companies innovate and pioneer digital solutions across creative, comms and marketing to accelerate patient and HCP engagement.


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Health Tech

RoseRx is a patient activation platform built for the life sciences industry. Our turn-key platform compliantly connects high-intent patients with the right doctors and treatments while providing insights for life science marketing and sales teams to innovate and measure campaign success.


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