The Growing Importance of Impactful Internal Communications

It’s never been more important to get the communications with your team and employees inside your organisation, right. Internal communications is the bedrock of good corporate culture, values and activities. We can help.

We take a fresh approach to internal communications

In a lot of ways, your internal audience is much like your external audience, and needs to be treated with the same care and understanding, transparency and where possible, encouraged to create a two-way flow of communication, as you would with your customer or other external stakeholders.

The Paper+Spark internal communications difference is our laser-sharp focus on audience-first delivery and measures of success.

When looking at internal communications programs, we take a holistic approach, much like we would for any other content marketing activity.

We consider and plan the following:

Objectives and messaging – We will help you define the objectives of your internal communications channels to make sure your activities are aligned to what you are trying to achieve, with the right messaging to create clarity, cut through and build your employer brand.

Audience-first – Just like with your customers or external stakeholders, storytelling also engages your internal audiences. We will ensure your internal communciations messaging is being broadcast on the channels they like to use, in formats they prefer, and in way that ensures the message is not lost in corporate-speak.

Measures of success – This includes measuring up front what is already working, but also establishing measures of success for your internal communications program. With clear KPI’s you can demonstrate your successes to stakeholders, and identify underperforming tactics early so you can tweak your approach and get more results for your efforts.

Our 3-step approach to creating your internal comms plan

  1. Insights – understanding the current internal communication activities, objectives, strategic messaging, business needs and resourcing
  2. Approach – this is in essence the internal communications strategy, with a strong focus on matching the strategic messaging in an audience-first manner
  3. Implementation – specifics around the tactics and importantly, the meausres of success.

The Reward:

Good internal communications space has the ability to really elevate your organisation to the next level.

From creating buy-in, creating engaged teams and a shared vision, encouring innovation, team-work and retention, the rewards for getting your internal communications program right are many.

Our research based, audience first approach will ensure your internal communications activities are targeted, have impact and support your employer brand, all the while helping you simplify your approach to get more reward for effort.

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