Influencer Marketing

Get your Influencer marketing program right

Third party endorsement is a very powerful tool for your brand to build trust, generate awareness and bring to life what your brand means. It’s the space where tactics like influencer marketing, word of mouth and earned media come to the party.

An influencer is an industry or community leader, or high profile or popular community personality, who has an engaged audience that respects their opinion, relates to their perspective, trusts their voice and can be encouraged to act. For brands, influencers provide a valuable method of reaching new and existing audiences with a voice of credibility and authority not achievable with traditional advertising.

Partnering with the right influencers, and integrating their voice into a campaign or strategy, can create impressive results for a brand. However, as almost anyone can become an influencer – including children, animals, established industry leaders, bloggers, journalists, models, innovators and self-proclaimed celebrities – it’s important to identify who the most valuable influencers are and who is best to partner with.

In the highly regulated, high-risk healthcare category it’s imperative to do no harm so investigate and carefully choose influencer partners.

The trick is to determine the right influencer marketing strategy and then the right influencer for you to connect with your audience to meet your desired outcome.

That’s how Paper+Spark can help.

The How:

As a full service strategic communications, marketing digital and brand agency that offers influencer marketing, the Paper+Spark approach is all about integration.

We look to make sure that your communications and marketing activities are integrated and with purpose.

The first thing we do is work out whether influencer marketing is the right thing for you within your wider marketing activities, how it can complement your current activities and what would be the measure of success.

Once we’ve worked out the why, we move into the how. We will be there with you on every step of this process to make sure we find the right influencers for you, and then manage and support you and through your campaign to ensure they stay on brand and on message.

Broadly, our approach can be broken into five steps:

Discovery: We look to understand your brand ethos, your business objectives, and work out why influencer marketing might work for you and connect your with your audience.

Approach: We then develop your influencer approach. This approach includes how influencer marketing can be integrated with your other activities, identifying the messages that need to be shared and then creating a short list of potential influencers for your brand. Part of this approach will also to be identify the right markers of success for your influencer program.

Assessing Fit: True influence is the meaningful impact an influencer has on their audience, and how this directly relates into engagement and action with the brand. To identify the strongest influencers to partner with, and the best fit for your brand, we assess the influencer against the four pillars of Fit, Power, Authenticity and Credibility using our bespoke Influencer Assessment Matrix.

Manage: There are different types of influencers, from brand ambassadors that may take on a longer term and highly active role, to social media influencers that may be engaged to create one or two posts – it really depends on what you are trying to achieve. However influencers do need to be managed to make sure they are across key messages and represent your brand in the way you have agreed. As an Influencer marketing agency, Paper+Spark will ensure the process, from initial request to contract completion, is beneficial for your brand and covers brand safety.

Review: Once the campaign is over, we will also review the campaigns effectiveness against the measures of success, making sure you have demonstrable evidence of performance to inform future influencer marketing campaigns and activities.

The Reward:

Influencers can really help bring a brand to life, reach a niche audience and help add authenticity, credibility by embodying its ethos and creating awareness to your desired audience. We can help you be strategic and smart with your influencer marketing program and get the influence you desire while also managing the risk.

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