We mix the sizzle of PR with the sauce of Digital

Why you need Digital PR

56 per cent of Australians are heavy news consumers. 1 But the way news is being consumed has changed, and PR has had to change with it.

  • 39% of news is consumed on TV
  • 27% online
  • 21% on social media
  • 7% on radio 2
  • 6% print, and
  • 31% listen to podcasts on a monthly basis 3

PR is part of your digital marketing mix whether you are aware of it or not. And if you add PR’s sparkle to digital marketing’s ROI mantra, sparks fly.

How we work

Put simply, not many PR agencies in Australia do digital well, and you would be hard pressed finding a digital agency with experience running PR campaigns.

We’re different.

We’re an agency made up of:

  • Publishers who have pioneered digital content for decades
  • Journalists who have come across to the spark side, and
  • Digital pros who have been at the coalface for newspapers and PR agencies.

Many digital agencies take a transactional approach when it comes to the digital execution of campaigns and miss the opportunity to build your brand or worse still, fail to protect it – But building your brand and protecting your reputation is baked into everything we do. And we do digital well.

If you are engaged in content, SEO, social media, influencer marketing, content co-creation or content discovery, Digital PR has a role to play.

 The benefits of Digital PR


Link-building is essential to growing the authority of your website to start climbing the rankings in search. 

The higher profile the site you can earn a link from, the better.

Our PR team have a little black book that would make any dedicated SEO’s eyes water, but what’s more, they know how to pitch coverage for your brand.

While coverage doesn’t guarantee backlink inclusion, our audience-first approach increases the likelihood by understanding what will provide value to a publications’ readers and giving it to them – all in exchange for links.

But we don’t just work with top tier media.

Every guest blog post or content co-creation is a chance to build your brand, not just a cheap transaction for a link.

With 21% of Aussies sharing news stories on social, having a team of link builders who knows what it takes to be newsworthy, the opportunity is huge.

Influencer Marketing

Before Instagram, influencers were media personalities – they had star power and their association could make a brand – PR was there every step of the way. 

Fast forward and there’s been an explosion of horror stories with influencers going wild ruining your brand reputation for cheap reach.

To get the most out of influencer marketing you don’t just need to choose the right influencers, you need a team nailing the messaging and coaching influencers to stay on brand.

Community Management

If building your brand through nurturing your community on social media is a priority, you need a plan in case things turn sour.

PR’s pedigree in crisis management makes it the perfect partner to put this plan in place and reassure your business.

Measuring success

The benefits of PR have always been difficult to quantify.

By bringing PR into your digital activity, not only are the results of PR more measurable, but you can directly impact the effectiveness of your digital campaigns


1 https://www.canberra.edu.au/research/faculty-research-centres/nmrc/digital-news-report-australia-2020
2 https://www.canberra.edu.au/research/faculty-research-centres/nmrc/digital-news-report-australia-2020
3 https://about.abc.net.au/media-room/abc-podcast-survey-reveals-just-how-engaged-podcast-audiences-are/

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