We can help you take your Customer Experience to the next level

The What

Customer experience, or CX, is a bit of a buzz word at the moment, although it shouldn’t be, because it’s critical to every business.

Customer experience is the art of understanding what the experience of your customer is at every point of their interaction with you, right through to the post-purchase experience. Understanding that experience can help you elevate it, creating happier customers, increase sales and a stronger brand.

The How: Our approach to Customer Experience is logical and detailed

In order to improve you customer experience, we need to first understand it. Really understand it. We want to make sure that every recommendation is based in fact, not assumptions on how the customer thinks and feels.

To do this we need to flip the process on its head and look at from a customer perspective and as a CX agency, the ability to shift to the audience view is one of our well-practised skills.

Our CX process includes: 

Customer Journey Mapping – we map the customer journey to understand the many touchpoints your customer might have from discovery to purchase and post-sale experience. This can include digital touchpoints from the online buying through to social media, in-person experiences with call centres, or other physical connections such as printed newsletters or branded events. Whatever that touchpoint is, we will find it and map it.

Experience Evaluation – not every touchpoint is equal. We look at the impact each of your customer interaction points has on their experience, how it impacts how they feel about your brand and their actions. The deeper we can go in this process, the better. Our team is experienced in running both quant and qual research to really get inside the customer experience and how it impacts their behaviour. We also review your available data to understand how the actions taken at each customer touchpoint impacts your sales process, brand relationship and business.

CX Optimisation – With an understanding of the journey and the impact of each touchpoint, we make informed recommendations for you to improve your customer experience. Our report will include audience personas to help everyone in the organisation better understand and connect with who you audience is and care about, quick wins that can be implemented within the journey, as well as larger recommendations to improve and even transform the experience. This will also include measurement objectives so the CX performance can continue to be tracked for future improvement.

Implementation Once you have a clear plan in place, our team also help implement the recommendations, from helping you to refine and improve messaging to creating collateral or training material for staff, the improving the digital experience with website redevelopment and social media guides.  

The Reward

A great customer experience can deliver you the kind of word-of-mouth recommendations and referral that money can’t buy. It can earn you customer loyalty, build brand profile and strength, and help you prove the promises you make to your customers. The rewards are many, so let’s get started.

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