We’re not just a creative agency …

Why creativity is so important

At Paper + Spark we bring creativity and imaginative problem-solving techniques to both communication and business problems.

Creativity and imaginative problem solving has proven to generate business value and help build commercial growth. McKinsey’s Award Creativity Score (ACS), is an index based on the prestigious annual Cannes Lions awards for advertising and marketing excellence. The analysis showed an overwhelming response for high creativity scores which resulted in strong financial performance based on using creativity and imaginative problem-solving techniques.

There are many reasons why companies perform well, such as market position or technology leadership. But it’s also true that creativity is at the heart of business innovation, and innovation is the engine of growth. With an increasing focus on the science of marketing—including performance marketing, marketing AI, and advanced analytics (all of which we do at Paper + Spark) —it’s important not to forget about the art of marketing.

At Paper + Spark we bring technologists and creatives to the table to solve business and communications problems. We look for the data, translate those into insights with an audience first mindset designed to uncover the optimal solution. Through our incubation process, we aim to bring disruptive thinking that will hit a sweet spot between solving a business/ communication problem, that also resonates with people and drives growth. It’s an immersive session that brings rewards.

How we work

At Paper + Spark we use design thinking methods to affect a positive outcome. Our multi-disciplinary team of technologists, creatives, marketing and product specialists focus on the end customer to help solve business and communication problems.

Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that often leads to the generation of new ideas.

Our creative process

Empathise: We put the customer at the heart and understand their need and want and marry this to the business objectives. We call this our audience first approach. Using empathy mapping and persona’s we are able to step into the hearts of minds of the audience.

Define: Create a point of view (POV) that is based on the audiences needs and insights.

Ideate: Bringing the right people to the table, we ideate as many creative solutions as possible using a number a techniques from our creative tool kit to encourage thinking.

Prototype: Build a representation of ideas. Those that answer the business problem and meet the KPI’s.

Test: Share proto-type ideas with the business and customers.

Iterate: Continuous improvement gets us to market faster .

The Reward

The reward is solutions based on insight, audience understanding, tested and has business buy-in. If done correctly, creative problem solving will be a business growth driver.

Who we work with

At Paper + Spark we employ creative thinking on all our client’s business problems. It’s just how we do business. Some clients who have gone deep and used the full in-depth Design.
Thinking methodology practices are:

  • Mylan Pharmaceuticals
  • MSD
  • Financial Planning Association of Australia
  • Vanguard
  • Flexigroup
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