As one an award-winning Content Marketing Agency, let us take your brand and marketing campaign to the next level

The What

Content marketing is the bedrock of great marketing, bringing together your marketing, campaign and communciations activites in a way that puts your audience at the centre of your efforts, with short term and long term payoffs. Our team of highly experienced content marketers can help you achieve measureable goals.

The How: Our content marketing approach is holistic, strategic and measurable

The Paper+Spark includes some of Australia’s very best content marketers.

We understand how to use the discipline of content marketing to find the sweet spot between your needs and those of your audiences. We’ll then work out how to answer those audience needs in a language they understand and the right channels to drive real and measurable outcomes.

We describe the process as including  a little bit of art, a lot of craft, and plenty of science.

As holistic content marketers, Paper+Spark is channel agnostic – good content marketing can and should include touches of internal comms, external comms, PR or advertising. Whatever is right for your audience. Even more important that the channels is the what and the how. We can help you speak the right language for your audience on topics they care about to drive action.

Our approach to creating a content marketing strategy and plan is comprehensive and consistent, where we collaborate you with across four key stages:

Insights & Analysis  – This is where the data comes in. We dive deep to understand the problem you need to solve, who your audience is and why they might care. Using a mix of your organisational insights and our own research, the intent to to really understand your audience and their pain points, and how we can connect them to you.

Approach and Strategy – Using the insights and analysis, we create a detailed content marketing strategy outlining our recommended approach for you to drive results. This will include content topics, formats and frequency, channels and amplification, and measures of success. Once signed off, the strategy is then supported by a detailed implementation plan.

Implementation – We’re here to help with the implemation of the content strategy, from creating bespoke piece to reporting or working as a guide or advocate for your in-house team. We determine how best to help you at through this stage, bringing both our extensive content creative skills, and our analytical nous to make sure what your content marketing program is hitting the mark.

Reporting and Review – As experienced content marketing consultants, one mistake we see often in content marketing strategies is that content programs are measured or reviewed. A content marketing strategy is not set and forget – it is a living creature that requires constant refinement, guided by the recommended measures and good analytics and reporting. If an approach or message is not hitting expectations, creative or the channel may need to be reviewied and tweaked. You can do this through regular reporting. All of our content marketing strategies come with recommendations for reporting, and require ongoing reporting review and maintenance to ensure success.

The Reward

Content marketing is all about connecting with your desired audience. It is a powerful way to help you engage and build a relationship that is unique and mutually beneficial for your audience, and you too.

As a discipline, its also a way to bring together your marketing and communcations activities in a coherent and connected way so they are all working to drive measurable outcomes and engagement with your audience.

We know content marketing. We look forward to helping you.


Paper+Spark recognised as one of Australia and NZ’s best places to work! Why?

Paper+Spark are honoured to have been recognised today as one of Australasia’s Best Places to Work, ranking #7 in Media and Marketing in the Australian Financial Review’s 2022 AFR Boss Best Place to Work List. We are thrilled to receive this accolade, being assessed against more than 750 nominated organisations across Australasia by Inventium, Australia’s leading behavioural science and innovation consultancy (in conjunction with AFR).

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Best Places to Work

Raising awareness of the abuse of older Australians – Elder Abuse Action Australia

Who says work isn’t meaningful and rewarding — We are proud to have recently assisted Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) with strategic communications, media, PR and Socials for their 7th Walk the Talk Conference in Hobart, Tasmania on 14-15 February 2022. Our Managing Director, Zeina Khodr, attended the conference and reflected on how the conference was “immersive, gut-wrenching, confronting, enlightening and compassionate. It highlighted the urgent need to end elder abuse.”

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