We’re not just a branding agency …

But branding is one of the most important assets a business can have for its products and services. It’s an asset that has proven to build growth to the bottom line.

At Paper + Spark we have a deep understanding of the importance of brand in today’s world. We live in a paradoxical world of choice where it’s become a burden for both B2B and B2C audiences. And humans need mental short cuts to make decision making easier. Brands are those shortcuts and are now more valuable than ever. As the former CEO of Quaker Oats once observed, ‘If this business were split up, I would give you the land and the bricks and mortar and I would take the brands and trademarks, and I would be far better off than you’.

McKinsey more recently put it; ‘While many companies and global economies continue to struggle to grow there is one bright spot in the business landscape: the power of brands across both B2B and B2C’.

Businesses need to ensure their brand is relevant, appealing and salient to win battle for consideration regardless of their sector, category, client or consumer.

Our 4D’s Approach to Branding

At Paper + Spark we have a very simple brand strategy model that allows businesses to quickly develop or re-articulate their brand to allow for growth. We call it our 4 D’s process:

  • Data and Insights: Immersion, qual/quant research, SEO research, media audits and social listening all play a role.
  • Discovery: Strategy. White space. Sweet spot. Audience segments.
  • Develop: Stories. Creative big idea. Creative implementation. Production
  • Discipline: Test and learn. Optimize.

This process allows for stakeholder immersion and buy-in at all stages.

The Rewards of Good Branding

For those that invest in branding and get it right the rewards are beneficial to both hard and soft metrics. These include;

Value: Customers have to value a product/service before they invest money in it. If done right having a strong brand is a shortcut to perceived value.

Identity: Allows customers to easily identity with a product/service through all aspects of marketing which has a lasting impact.

Experience: Customer loyalty is an important to earn. Creating the right experience will ensure brand loyalty and value.

Brand building drives customer value and loyalty which leads to growth in both the short and long term

Who We Work With

At Paper + Spark, we have demonstrated our branding capability with many clients across a number of industry verticals:

  • MSD – Women’s Health, The Down Low
  • Mylan – MyHayfever
  • Financial Planning Association – Money & Life
  • Campos Coffee
  • Churchill
  • Rashays Restaurants
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Breast Implants by Mentor (J&J) wanted to establish a social presence in Australia and set themselves apart from the competition, and at P+S, partnering with RxMx, we knew the best way to do this was to tap into real insights from women around their bodies and their attitudes to their bodies.

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GolfSpace… A golf disruptor

P+S have worked with GolfSpace and founder Dean Dewhirst and team since inception to develop their digital campaign, content, brand, PR and social presence to bring their product to market. Located in Alexandria not far from Sydney Airport, GolfSpace officially opened their doors before Christmas.

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Endeavour Energy’s Future Forum event series

In May, Paper+Spark helped Endeavour Energy to develop, deliver and launch a new series of events called the Future Forum to showcase some of Endeavour Energy’s innovation and encourage a culture that supports innovative and transformative thinking.

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