What We Do

Strategic storytelling

At P+S, we listen inside social and digital channels to collect and analyse data about how your brand and products are being perceived. Not only do we work with you to understand your brand and product narratives, but we focus on developing compelling stories that deliver impact in the spaces where your customers are seeking information. We have a laser focus on creating trustworthiness and memorability.

Using the science of storytelling, we bring your brand and customers together to spark engagement, build connection and drive meaningful action.

And we make sure we add the special sauce of humanity to all that we do.


Navigating the new media landscape can be complex, but the right roadmap and tools can help you find success and ensure your marketing reaches its potential. Using the following tools, we develop bespoke solutions and can also teach you and your team how to leverage the tools that will help you most. They’re buzzwords to some, but crucial tools to us. And hopefully to you one day, too.

Social listening, customer journey mapping, visual storytelling, audience development, brand mapping, SEO, SEM, website design and creation, UX and UI, Voice Experience (VX), influencer marketing, data analytics, PR and media relations, omni-channel delivery, growth hacking, ToFu, audio search marketing, and more.


We will stick with you and coach as new services and techniques emerge which can be applied in your engagement strategies. It’s a fun and disruptive new world but it can be confusing when your focus is not in the domain full time. We’ll send you the insights we learn as we spend time at the leading and bleeding edge of social media and content delivery.

Health and finance

Our experience and our passion is health and finance, so that’s where we do most of our work. Our team has deep vertical market expertise in these markets, in sales, marketing and content. In an age where digital has the ability to distribute content into so many different channels, having vertical knowledge and focus, in the way’s we have, can provide you with a distinct advantage.


As we hurtle headfirst into a voice-activated future, it’s time to start thinking seriously about your conversational experience strategy for a screen-less world. Voice is our most intuitive form of communications and way of building engaging customer experiences.

Whether it’s digital customer service channels such as chatbots, virtual agents, virtual assistants and more traditional voice strategies to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana or Samsung Bixby, we work with you to ensure you have a conversational roadmap to converse with consumers.

Why is it valuable?
The fidelity of these experiences is paramount, from strategy, content and its respective elocution, scripting and technical development, all at the heart, and combined to form THE most graceful experience.

Each word is fighting for its existence in the script.

We believe that the art of possible can also come in the form of agile, “test & learn” experiences, such as pilots or proof of concepts, POCs, which clearly articulate the concept in a succinct manner. It’s not a question of sacrificing quality, rather, it is the entrée to the main course.

How it adds value:

  • Engage and serve your customers better
  • A new way to communicate to your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Augment digital customer service channels for greater efficiencies
  • Add value to how you engage with customers
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Increase customer deflection rates
  • Alleviate pressure and reduce hold times

How we can assist:

  • Pilot project overview & goals
  • Requirements and discovery
  • Define use case(s)
  • Identify audiences
  • Audience needs/ challenges
  • User Flows
  • Scripting
  • Persona/tone of voice
  • Technical development