Modern customers have moved past the mainstream and many of them have decided they prefer the periphery: after all, it’s less crowded, the view is better and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. If brands want to attract and retain their audience, they need to be there too.

But you can’t just set-up a website that is a little quirky and wait for them to come – the modern marketing landscape isn’t exactly a Field of Dreams.

So what do we mean when we say you need find your place in the periphery in order to attract,engage and retain your audience?

First of all, it helps to understand what we mean when we say ‘the periphery’. Modern media has made it easier than ever for consumers to find their tribe, to congregate, converse and share ideas that matter to them. And most of us have multiple tribes – we don’t expect to get everything we need and want from one place, so we find the sources that satisfy our various needs and curate a newsfeed that allows us to easily access our chose tribes. The mainstream is becoming increasingly irrelevant; the interesting conversations are happening on the outside.

For brands looking to have meaningful conversations with their audiences, to engage with them and understand them, they need to be playing outside too. This means building your own playground tailored to your desired audience, and implementing meaningful pay-to- play strategies in the established playgrounds of influencers and specialist media.

When you’re immersed in the environments your audience have chosen, you uncover insights that help you to understand them better. Focusing on these micro-environments and a smaller, more targeted audience means you can be more effective when it comes to telling your own story. You’ll know what questions they’re asking, so you’re better able to provide solid answers and create content that helps you win in search. You’ll understand how they want this information delivered, so you can build content in the formats that will achieve cut-through.

And just because you’re on the periphery, doesn’t mean you’re alone. We’re your ally in these unfamiliar territories, we’ve got the lay of the land and can build the perfect playground for brands and their audiences.

Drawing on our collective skills in strategy, hard data and creative thinking, we take all the compelling narratives that already orbit a brand, and turn them into tales that engage and shareable stuff. It’s how we flip indifference into interest.

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