Since opening our doors almost three years ago, Paper + Spark has had what can only be described as an incredible whirlwind of a journey. As an agency, we have had the pleasure of working with brands who have recognised changing customer needs and have sparked incredible ideas from these insights.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with industry-changing brands and our latest partnership is for sure a testament to this. We are delighted to announce that Paper + Spark are partnering with WeFlex, an innovative service that connects people with a disability to mainstream fitness and health providers, to develop their social, digital, content and PR strategy.

How we met

Imagine if, through health and fitness, a person with a disability could build a pathway towards a longer, healthier and happier life. This is the very genuine and personal cause that moved us here at Paper+Spark. After hearing founder Tommy Trout and his brother Jack speak passionately at the B&T Changing the Ratio presentation earlier this year, we were inspired and determined to be a part of their mission to make fitness inclusive for every body.

The Paper + Spark team at Changing the Ratio

The Paper + Spark team at Changing the Ratio

The problem we’re solving

Inclusion is at the heart of WeFlex. Through supporting the fitness industry to become a more inclusive and welcoming space, WeFlex aims to improve the length and quality of life for people with a disability. We know there are many reasons why maintaining regular exercise can be challenging but having access to fitness professionals or facilities should never be one of them. We all know the power of regular exercise and improved fitness and it’s our shared mission to help connect people with unique needs to the immense benefits that the fitness and health industry has to offer.

The dream team

We are still in the early stages but will be collaborating with other agencies and working together to help WeFlex achieve their mission. Paper + Spark will be developing their social and digital presence, along with creating content and devising a PR strategy, with TBWA supporting WeFlex with their customer mapping and journey.

Founder of WeFlex, Tommy Trout (left), and his brother (right)

Founder of WeFlex, Tommy Trout (left), and his brother (right)

Sharing a vision for the future

We are proud to be partnering with WeFlex and are so excited to support them on their journey as they work to ensure every body feels safe, confident and welcome when they exercise, no matter what makes them unique.

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