As the communication industry adjusts to COVID-19 conditions, two-year-old consultancy agency Paper + Spark are undertaking a strategic hiring plan while continuing to increase their national footprint.

Founded by Zeina Khodr, the Paper + Spark collective was born out of a desire to put talent before profits and deliver a truly integrated solution for client’s that puts their needs first.

With a team of 12 senior consultants and offices in Sydney, Perth, Northern NSW, and Melbourne to follow, the model has been embraced by clients across financial services and pharma, as the agency announces another key hire to add to the collective.

“I am so pleased to announce ex VERSA Global Business Director, Guy Munro as the latest to join the Paper + Spark collective, heading up our Innovation and Technology practice while expanding our voice experience capability. Guy joins our stable of senior strategic consultants, including the ex MD of J. Walter Thompson, Paul Everson and ex MD of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Penelope Holloway. Heading up our Perth office is Rebecca Martin, former Managing Editor Brand Marketing at RAC WA and our Healthcare Lead Clifford Fram, ex Editor in Chief of Australian Doctor Group. Suma Wiggins leads the Financial Services practice and Tora Kemp rounds out the team as Head of Production.

With Guy joining us to launch Paper + Spark’s Innovation and Technology practice, the company now has deep experience across voice experience, digital, creative, content marketing, PR, social and publishing, all led by ex-agency heads.

“Paul, Penny and I used to work together at our respective WPP agencies but felt hamstrung by the typical agency silos, even when working within virtual Client team models. There was simply too much financial self-interest getting in the way of genuine cross discipline client solutions. My ambition was to provide a home for us to be able to do what we love – collectively help our clients tell powerful stories in ways that achieves business outcomes across the entire marketing and communications spectrum, and Paper + Spark was born.

“Almost two years on, our success and growth has proved our agile and responsive model works and our people and approach is right. Clients respect that we’re all hands-on senior consultants, don’t have the big agency overheads or offices and specialise in specific areas of expertise. What’s critical to our success, and why I think our offer is so strong, is that we come together and are driven by a very simple goal – to deliver our best work in the rapidly changing world of comms and marketing.”

“Having partnered with Guy in the past and worked closely on projects together,  the current climate, and demand for virtual agents and voice experience, has afforded us an opportunity to expand and bring his expertise closer to our business.”

“The new wave of digital natives, whether they be Millennials or Gen Z, are set to use voice first and foremost. On the other hand, older generations who struggle with dexterity, have limited motor skills or perhaps are vision impaired can benefit significantly from voice-enabled devices and services. Voice is the most intuitive form of communication and harnessing this power can have life-changing effect. I’m thrilled to be offering our clients these solutions.”

Guy Munro commented; “Zeina and I have partnered up on projects in the past and I have been admiring from the sidelines what she has been able to achieve with the Collective. With an already impressive list of responsive clients, it didn’t take much for Zeina and the team to convince me to jump onboard.

“I admire that the leadership team all represent different disciplines but come together to work seamlessly to deliver work without ego and with respect for each other. The clients and briefs are at the centre of the business and the leadership team are not only leading the business, but hands-on client leaders as well – I like that approach, and that’s why I joined”

“Now, more than ever, voice as a communicative channel should be on every marketer’s roadmap. With the disruption of services, swift and accurate customer contact has arguably never been more important. Call centres have a large role to play, along with distribution channels and sales teams needing to find new ways to reach, respond and connect with audiences. Our offering is designed to help alleviate this and bring organisations and audiences closer together with demonstrable, measurable ROI.” Munro concluded.

Zeina concluded; “While it’s uncertain times for some businesses, I am determined to use the current climate to continue to reinvent our business and push aggressively forward. Therefore, in addition to launching our Innovation and Technology Practice, Paper + Spark is committed to helping our clients navigate through this challenging time by offering a series of complimentary business solving sessions and virtual lunch and learns.”

“This value add is something we have always offered our clients, but we are finding the current situation means people are keen to brainstorm and hungry to learn new skills and diversify from their usual marketing practices, and we want to be there to support them through that transition”.


Photo of Guy and Zeina

Guy Munro and Zeina Khodr

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