Have you heard the phrases “it’s time to BeReal” or “I have to take my BeReal” and had no idea what it meant? BeReal is a new trending social media app that takes a different approach to TikTok and Instagram with its non-curated, unplanned, real content. Let’s dive into it.

What is BeReal?

The new photo-sharing app is popular among Gen Z. The idea is that users get a daily notification from the app to post a photo of what they are doing at the moment. The timer of 2 minutes starts, and the user must take a picture without filters or editing. The front camera captures a selfie, and the back camera takes a photo of what’s in front of you in one click. Another major difference from other dominating social media apps is that BeReal doesn’t show a follower count or previous content on profiles. BeReal content is live for a user’s friends until the following BeReal notification within the next 24 hours.

The core idea of the new social media platform is to avoid curated and planned photos and focus on genuine content and being real. Another unexpected feature for a social platform is that you can only post on the app once a day, restricting the time users will spend on the app. At first glance, this all sounds interesting and exciting. Will that excitement last, or will the hype around BeReal die out?

If BeReal stays true to its core values of authentic, unedited content, I think the hype will remain. Every day social media users are becoming disillusioned with traditional social media apps, mainly due to the curated, edited and sales-y nature of most social media content. But does that mean there’s no place for businesses on BeReal?

Brands and businesses on BeReal: Is there a place for advertising?Promo via BeReal

BeReal currently does not support paid ads, true to its core idea of personal connection and authenticity. Only time will tell whether the social platform will introduce paid ads in the future. However, businesses are already jumping on this new social trend via organic profiles and content.

Fast-food chain Chipotle was one of the first well-known businesses on the platform. They gave free meals to the first 100 customers to use a discount code they shared in a BeReal post. Instead of loud and colourful advertising, what we’re used to seeing from fast food chains, Chipotle opted for a lowkey option to align with BeReal’s style.

Without business profiles and analytics/insights, it would be hard at this stage to measure a brand’s success on BeReal. But if you’re looking to get creative, jump on a trend, and show followers the BTS of your brand, it could be worth giving BeReal a go!

Instagram & TikTok are already testing new features

Other social media giants didn’t take long to tap into this new idea. Instagram is currently testing “Candid Challenges” – prompting users to snap pictures with their front- and rear-facing cameras. Instagram users would be sharing the photos on their IG Stories. TikTok’s version of BeReal is called “TikTok Now”. It’s currently available for US residents on the platform and allows users to share a still image or a 10-second video of what they’re up to.

TikTok screen grab      Screenshots of Tweets

Future of BeReal

Will BeReal have a bright future, or are people get bored of it and opt out? Is the content going to get boring with people sitting at their desks and watching TV on the couch? I think it’s an exciting new app with strong values and great competition for Meta and its apps. Currently, it’s not designed to cater to business needs, but in the future, that might change, and companies might want to add BeReal to their social/marketing strategies. It’s a fresh addition to the social media game of 2022/2023, but its success remains to be seen.

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