P+S have worked with GolfSpace and founder Dean Dewhirst and team since inception to develop their digital campaign, content, brand, PR and social presence to bring their product to market. Located in Alexandria not far from Sydney Airport, GolfSpace officially opened their doors before Christmas.

Boasting over 16 virtual bays using TrackMan technology, P+S were lucky enough to experience the interactive space first-hand. “Few of us have the luxury to get on-course every day. And driving ranges fall way short of delivering the complete experience. So we’ve created the space to fill the gap”, says Dewhirst.

GolfSpace’s value proposition
GolfSpace’s success story has been driven by the fundamentally solid business proposition. GolfSpace clearly articulated their value proposition and high-level goals and were willing to experiment and take risks along the way. This made our collaboration with them a very efficient process and meant P+S could focus on helping GolfSpace achieve these goals, by offering feedback to allow strategy to be refined, through implementing social media campaigns to help deliver the strategic goals, and by developing a website for GolfSpace from scratch.

Launching a physical indoor golf experience during COVID was never going to be a cakewalk but GolfSpace’s offering was compelling enough to meet the challenges of launching a new business during uncertain times and spark the imaginations of Sydney’s golf enthusiasts. By reaching and fostering a community of golfers on social media, carefully designing the website content to rank for relevant keywords, preparing search campaigns to meet demand (when it returned post lockdowns), and by nurturing leads through email, we were able to digitally launch GolfSpace, so that when the doors opened there was a flood of golfers ready to take their game to the next level.

GolfSpace coaching session

Key stats, challenges, learning, & takeaways

  • The opening of GolfSpace was thwarted several times (#SydneyCOVIDlockdowns). Doors eventually opened in late 2021. This meant we had to remain agile and continually alter the campaign/rework budgets to build awareness and drive leads for a business with an unknown opening date.
  • We SEO optimised the website content, set up web analytics, and launched GolfSpace’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business profiles.
  • Campaigns ran for about 3 months, from November 2021 until January 2022, across various channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube, and Display targeting 25km from GolfSpace’s location in Alexandria. This:
    • drove 717 leads across this period.
    • allowed GolfSpace to grow social followers from scratch to over 1.1K across the Meta platforms.
    • allowed us to sell over 50 gift vouchers (valued at over $10K) in a last-minute Christmas campaign.
  • GolfSpace reached the first page of Google search results for a range of indoor, virtual and simulator golf search terms in this brief time.
  • Within weeks of opening, GolfSpace received 10 x 5-star reviews on Google My Business, which is a testament to the amazing work of Dean and his team. Not only was GolfSpace’s business proposition solid and their goals clear, but they backed up the advertising promises to customers with great customer service.
  • Bosshunting, Man of Many, Golf Australia and other media outlets came to see what the fuss was about and covered the space in their publications.

Our experience at GolfSpace

Paper+Spark team photo

GolfSpace leverages cutting-edge technology to provide new and experienced golfers with flexible experiences catering to a variety of needs – from social to tournament play, and from lessons to self-paced practice. You can practise everything from putting to driving and play various courses or gamified drills.

Gavin Meredith, Director of GolfSpace, gave us plenty of tips to improve our driving, chipping and putting. He says the space was ‘created to make golf accessible to more people – young, old… to people with disabilities, bringing the joy of golf to a wider group’.

Paper+Spark team member receives some golf tips

One of the GolfSpace games

Three Paper+Spark team members

There are lots of options to suit individual interests, skill levels, and goals. It’s good for individuals, good for groups and includes options for social or competition play, and is suitable even for novices, e.g., as a corporate team building activity (BYO clubs or use the ones provided).

The Sparks had a lot of fun (both non-golfers and golfers). There are plenty of interesting and versatile experiences that the space and system support to keep everyone entertained and challenged. Some of the more competitive Sparks took the opportunity to get feedback to help improve their strokes and game (this is possible whether or not you opt for more formal lessons). And importantly for Sydneysiders lately, we appreciated it was sheltered from the incessant rain that has plagued us. It’s a viable alternative to outdoor golf while offering some significant advantages (like feedback) and more useful and entertaining than a driving range.

We look forward to supporting GolfSpace in their continued success and growth disrupting the golfing space.

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