The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a revolution in the patient relationship model, driven by new technology including telehealth systems and AI-led diagnoses.

To help you navigate this exciting new world of healthcare marketing, creative communications and marketing, agency Paper + Spark has joined forces with health tech pioneer RoseRX to present an exclusive event on cutting-edge digital patient engagement.

Going beyond disease awareness campaigns, participants learned how to seamlessly connect with patients along the digital health journey.

Aimed at decision makers, the event was MC’d by the charismatic veteran of the marketing industry AJ Rollsy and started with introductions from CEOs Zeina Khodr and Romain Bonjean and then proceeded with recent business case studies presented by Darren Woodhouse from iNova and a panel discussion with 3 industry leaders, followed by a Q&A.

Photo of the audience.

Topics covered and debated with industry peers included:

  • Bringing together face-to-face, remote and digital engagement moments in your campaigns
  • Discovery and understanding of the patient decision-making process to create desired outcomes
  • Integrating telehealth with a compliant model
  • Creating an omnichannel engagement strategy for your product and audience

The presenters

Darren Woodhouse – Marketing Manager, Prescription, Inova
Darren is an outcome-driven Senior Sales Marketing and Sales professional with expertise across various healthcare areas. He has over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, exceling in marketing strategy for product management and commercial leadership.

Julie Fish – Digital & Customer Experience (Cx) Lead – ANZ at Viatris
Julie is a Marketing and Digital Leader with over a decade of global experience, specialising in driving digital strategy and customer transformation in complex B2B and B2C environments. Honoured with the 2019 VEEVA APAC Hero award, she is recognised for her expertise in integrated marketing, social media strategy, and digital advertising.

Dr Danijela Mirosa – former Head of Strategy and Patient Services at Takeda
Dani has over 20 years of diverse experience spanning translational research, strategy, patient services, and commercial leadership in global biotech, including areas such as Oncology, Rare Diseases, Reproductive Medicine, and Al¬driven health tech. Leveraging her extensive background, she develops comprehensive commercial strategies, prioritising an understanding of customer and patient journeys to maximise outcomes and impact.

Photo of panel, MC, and Paper + Spark and RoseRX CEOs

Panel, speakers and MC. Left to right: Zeina Khodr (Paper + Spark), Darren Woodhouse (iNova), Dr Danijela Mirosa (Biointelect), Julie Fish (Viatris), Romain Bonjean (RoseRX), AJ Rollsy (HealthPoint Research)

Marketers are now able to track and engage patients at a level that was once considered challenging, including ensuring patients receive appropriate information and treatment. Anonymised data on doctors/services and therapeutics accessed is available, adding incredible marketing insight, such as the ability to track actual ROI and respond in near real-time to developments. Analytics from social media marketing pale in comparison (though are still a very useful tool in the marketer’s quiver).


Using the RoseRx platform coupled with the creative nouse and media expertise of Paper + Spark has broad application for the pharma and biotech industries. This approach allows you to go beyond disease awareness to close the loop on the entire patient journey. We encourage decision makers to reach out to us to learn more. Obligation free consultations from Zeina Khodr, Paper + Spark and Romain Bonjean, CEO RoseRx are available to discuss if and how the technology can benefit your organisation and product portfolio.

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