It’s always a bit daunting to make future predictions but I had fun diving into key marketing trends while speaking to students from Macquarie Business School. Sharing my thoughts from my week at SXSW Austin Texas and real-world experience, here’s what I feel is top of mind for marketers. With over 300 sessions I attended as much as I could and continued to dive into the podcasts to catch up.

Here’s my distillation of the top 5

1. Going Phygital – fuelled by a post-lockdown pandemic, brands are focused on how to use technology to bridge the digital work with the physical to provide unique interactive experiences. In the last 2 months Paper + Spark has run 9 activations for clients. Up from three last year!

2. Influencers gonna keep on influencing – marketing budgets continue to be diverted to reach new audiences and eyeballs but virtual influencers continue to take centre stage reducing brand risk! Yep, almost every campaign we’ve run has an element of content co-creation.

3. #TTMMBI – that’s Tik Tok Made Me Buy it and one of the world’s trending # – the marketing funnel is irrelevant and the infinite loop is in – community, connection, discovery. Creators are adding to the infinite loop fuelling the discovery of new products and Action. TikTok is becoming the third largest discovery engine, unlike the social channels we’re used to. And #healthtok is taking off! More doctors on TT sharing education, stories and more!

4. Multidisciplinary Storytelling – rarely a session that didn’t encapsulate storytelling front and centre. Marketing isn’t about the stuff you sell but the stories you tell! Especially purpose-driven storytelling. It’s our bread and butter.

5. AI for 2023 is our glass ketchup bottle moment as coined by Dr. John Maeda – You open the bottle you shake, you prod, even scrape and suddenly it all comes spurting out. We all have to learn what to do with the abundance of AI models and tools now. And get yourself some prompt engineering know-how! We’re using MidJourney, DALL-E, Bard and other AI tools for efficiency.

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